• DESIGNER & manufacturer in ROBOTIC and automation solution

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Our expertise in Industry 4.0 allows us to currently support our pharmaceutical customers in their industrial transformation.

Our business sectors

We carry out handling facilities for different products in all sectors of the industry

  • Food industry

  • Cosmetic

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Aeronautics / Defense

  • Automobile

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Our engagement

Serimatec draws on over 40 years of experience. With serious expertise in different fields of activities and trades, we can support you on innovative and ambitious projects. Our experts regularly install latest generation tools

  • Virtual, Augmented Reality, Digital Twin
  • Robotization, Robotic simulation & flow study
  • Associated grippers
  • Automatic unpacking
  • AGV turtle & AGV stacker
  • Mobile vision and robotics solution integrator
  • Multi-vendors manufacturers of vision systems
  • Dynamic storage

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Automation, Transitics, Robotization, Vision and UnHooking

We carry out handling facilities for different products in all sectors of the industry: Automotive, Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, paper industry, Energy, Rail, Aeronautics … Our approach is long-term, and we provide solutions. From your Specifications, we advise you and build with you technical and innovative solutions in line with your expectations. Thanks to our digital experts, the presentation and 3D simulation of your project brings you all the answers before delivery.

From standard product to special application, our ability to adapt to customer needs is one of our strengths.

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Your project : our monitoring

  • Before project

    Our sales team, helped by technical experts, will contact you to take stock of your project.

  • Support

    Our team of project managers accompanies you all throughout the project until validation by your technical teams.

  • Design

    Our Virtual Reality experts create a model of your project so that you have a definitive view of the rendering.

  • Technical realization

    We manufacture your project in real conditions on our premises with your technical teams

  • Services

    After the delivery of your project, we offer various services such as maintenance, connection of machines, etc.